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How to Encourage Repeat Business from Your Internet Customers?

Internet marketing is quickly making its way to the people. It allows students, employees and almost everyone to generate income at home for support or for a living.



The profit from the internet can be as wide as the internet can reach. Using websites, eBay, social network, etc. a person can sell products and services to the public.

What makes the consumers want to stay? Great ability to attract buyers doesn't ensure lasting buyer/seller relationship. Remember that the asset of a solid business is to having the trust of costumers who are sure to patronize the product.

What then is the key in obtaining the loyalty of your costumers? Start with a touch of thought. Add something "extra" in the package, perhaps a giveaway or freebies. Costumers will surely appreciate a little surprise. Make sure that the client will be able to contact you by giving your business card along the package. It should provide your contact information such as email address, web address, Etsy, Artfire, or ebay address or telephone number.

Always make the client feel that they are special, thank the client for each transaction and offer a discount for the next purchase. Give away or freebies at a purchase of certain amount of goods are also promising. These promos don't have to happen all the time. Once in a while could be enough.

The shipping, packaging and quality of the product plays an important factor in gaining the trust of the client. Deliver the product quickly and on time. Always consider the comfort of the client and make them feel they are valued. The packaging should be done neatly and carefully so as to preserve the quality of the product. Make you're packaging unique add a touch of creativity of possible. Adding some beads, flowers or ribbons in a box can give it an atmosphere of elegance. At the end of the transaction Ask for an evaluation, comments or suggestion to help you meet the demands of the client. It will also show how much you care about the type of service you deliver. Having a unique and durable product gives you an edge among other competitions. The quality of the product is the strongest point you can get.

Lastly, the most important is to establish rapport with the client. Building a strong relationship by gaining their trust to your product and you as a marketer would make them come back for more.

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