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There’s been a great deal said on what makes a successful affiliate review blog, and all that is geared towards…



what makes your review blog valuable to your readers. And that is as it should be. But that being said, you need to know, there is no "right" or "wrong" formula as to how many review blogs you should have, or how you should run them.

On listening to some of the top names in internet marketing, it's striking how they differ, when it comes to motivations, goals and methods. Oh, some things are universal - like cloaking hop links so no one steals your commission. And agreeing that a strong domain name based on your primary long-tailed keyword phrase is a "must". And of course, solve problems for your list or target niche.

How Many Review Blogs Should You Have?

Unlike niche blogging, where you monetize blogs with Adsense or paid ads, you don't need to have many affiliate review blogs at all. If your goal is to become a super affiliate and create an authority site, such as Rosalind Gardner's, you may even get away with just one review blog. In which case you'll want to either give it a branded name if you have one, or a highly generic name. (Think Lynn Terry's "" and Rosalind Gardner's "".) If your niche has anything to do with online business or internet marketing, names like these convey the right impression as to subject matter and allow you to review a wide range of marketing or business products, books, memberships and software.

With niche blogging, you may need up to 100 blogs to generate income, since each blog usually doesn't - on average - produce more than $40 a month. (Some produce much less, and one or two diamonds might produce more.)

Compare this with a review blog, whereas few as one to a handful can make serious money for you.