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Reviews in Affiliate Marketing

You write a review for your affiliate marketing product, publish it, promote it a little, and give it no further thought. You move on to write the next one.



Several months later, you notice that particular review is still bringing in a consistent rivulet of sales… whereas the one you wrote only last week on the latest hot trend hardly did anything at all.

You try to analyze the difference between the two reviews. After all, you followed your usual "formula". You included all the right components - a great, curiosity-inciting headline; the pros and a few cons, a small example of how each product works, your conclusion… And yes, your call to action is definitely there…

So why is one ad a moneymaker, even after months… and one just dies a lonely death?

There could be more than one factor at play here…

  1. The successful product could be "evergreen" - meaning that it’s a solid resource people will keep using, no matter how rapidly online trends and rules change, all around them.

For example, say the product you were promoting in your successful review was all about how to research more thoroughly than the average internet marketer knows how to… and it was written in easy laymen's terms. It doesn't matter what rulings the FTC brings in, two months from now. It doesn't matter whether your reader wants to research Italian poets of the 14th century or how to create his own software – the principles of good research are going to apply consistently, even though the online world is in its usual state of quantum flux. So that product is always timeless and helpful.

  1. Your call to action in the successful product was a particularly strong and appropriate one, which felt natural to the reader. The obvious inference here is that somehow, you didn't quite achieve such good results with your newest review. And guess what? That does happen! Even to the most seasoned review writers.

The truth is, great calls to action should never "push" or persuade your reader. Instead, they need to occur right when you've brought your reader to the point of muttering to himself: "So tell me how to get it? C’mon… Where do I get this product?" If you “answer” his question, and supply your link right at this psychological moment, you're home free!

And in the case of our product with the steady sales, this one review with the great call to action will keep working for you, over and over.

But there's a third way to generate sales from one review that trickle or flow in, month after month: And that is to review ClickBank products with a recurring element - for example, a membership site. It used to be, this wasn’t possible: But now ClickBank has allowed its vendors to add the “recurring” feature to their products.

It works in one of two ways – either vendor can offer installments on a product, or create a membership or ongoing course.

The “recurring” element to a product is a great one to keep your eye out for when looking for new products to review!